Follow-up of the RadWG meeting

The table below provides an overview about the topics and decisions discussed during the RadWG meeting.

Date of entryDue dateUserTopicCommentsStatus
10/04/2014 N. TrikoupisRadiation test report3x PSI, 1xCNRADIn work
19/03/2014 A. Garcia MorenoRadiation test report1xCEA, IT BeaconIn work
19/03/2014 J-M. ForayRadiation test reportCEARequested
19/03/2014 E. EffingerRadiation test reportCEARequested
05/12/2013 S. UznanskiRadiation test report4xPSI, ADCsReleased
06/05/2014 S. UznanskiRadiation test reportRenesas SRAM memory and ProASIC FPGA A3P250, A3P400, A3P1000, A3PE1500In work
12/05/201416/06/2014E. GousiouGoFIP production statusStatus about the production of the GoFIP modulesIn work
14/05/201431/08/2014N. TrikoupisCHARM Radiation TestEvaluation of beam screen heater at CHARMTargeted
28/05/201425/06/2014P. OserRadiation test reportPower MosFET, LDO voltage regulator, PWM controllerIn work
01/03/201418/04/2014P. OserRadiation test report1xPSI, Schmitt Trigger, ADC, OpAmp, BJTReleased